Thursday, April 27, 2006


These photos are sad beyond words...This happens here - only we hide the fact and seldom talk about Puppy Farming. For every neglected, sad and dead dog shown here - the same will be true on Puppy Farms in the UK!

Lets continue turning a 'blind eye' and ignoring the thousands and thousands of dogs caught up in this nasty trade!

This story and the horrific photos are from Australia.

Prisoners for Profit (some graphic photos)

Now that you have read prisoners for profit read how long it took and how they eventually closed this place of death down.

Please think about what is happening on the thousands of Puppy Farms here in the UK!

Do you still want to support petshops that 'buy in puppies to sell'?

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Mary Salter said...

Oh my god what awful awful photos, I could hardly look. Why are we still allowing this to happen.

I am truly sickened by what I have read. Thank You for bringing this to attention.

I will hug my dogs extra today.

I would never buy from a store selling animals.