Friday, November 03, 2006

Shop It To Stop It - Puppy Farming

600 litters of dogs on average are advertised weekly in newspapers, periodicals and free adds papers here in Ireland.400 DOGS FOR SALE adds appear on average in one free adds paper alone, many of these for up to nine different breeds, the majority of which are being raised on PUPPY FARMS here in Ireland. Other adds appear on notice boards everywhere with photos of cute pups, obviously a little money spinner for people who breed their animals at home.Many people who buy a pup do not realise they are causing untold misery for the pups mother who lives her life virtually 'in pup' and many report buying the saddest, sickest pup just to save it.In reality this easy money prompts the breeder to continue.Most advertisements you reply to are from rural areas where the sellers offer to bring the pups to a motorway garage or nearest town to exchange the deal. This ploy is twofold, the main reason is the buyer does not see the conditions the dogs are kept in, the other is that PUPPY FARMING has now become a lucrative TAX FREE enterprise.You cannot be 'shopped' if no one knows where you live.Oficially it is tax liable but who is checking...EXCEPT US.

With up to 1500 euros for the bigger Mastiffs or rare breeds,(more for Females) and a litter raising up to 5,000 euros or more, another twist has emerged.Someone who wants a dog but cannot afford an 'expensive' dog is given a female at a reduced price.The deal being that this pup when on heat is bred and mated with the original sellers dog and a female of the new litter is given back as part payment to close the deal.This ploy results in even more dogs coming on to the market.Neapolitan Mastiffs cost 900e male and 1300-1500e female.So The Alliance for Animal Rights is now reporting details of dog sellers to their local
REVENUE INVESTIGATIONS UNITS and urging the public to do likewise.The problem of over-breeding here in Ireland is causing the deaths of thousands of unwanted dogs annually.IF GENUINE PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE A DOG IN THEIR FAMILY, they will rescue one from a pound or shelter. Many designer dogs die in dog pounds too.


The dog pens were filmed by a secret camera

Stop Puppy Farming

Not new...but still worth reading.

This store was selling these sad puppies for hugely inflated what you were getting for your money..

Since the BBC investigation , Ceredigion council has issued the farm with a licence to breed and sell dogs. (read full story)

Harrods has stopped using a Wales puppy farm to stock its pet shop after it was exposed as part of a joint undercover investigation by the BBC and Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. The investigation highlighted once again the problem of puppy farming across the country.The investigation was instigated following a tip-off from a former Harrods employee who was concerned at the large numbers of dogs being supplied to the store from Windy Rise Farm.Catherine Gillie, former veterinary nurse and Dogs Trust Assistant Field Director, managed to get inside the farm in Wales as part of the investigation. She says “Conditions inside this puppy farm were absolutely horrific. Both puppies and their mothers displayed obvious signs of neglect, starved of affection and proper care, and were in kept in appalling conditions, with no proper bedding, no access to the outside world, and unable to even see over the top of their pens.”

The Dogs Trust fears this is just the tip of the iceberg of what could be an illegal multi-million pound industry across the UK, and is strengthening its campaign to stamp out puppy farming.Clarissa Baldwin, Dogs Trust Chief Executive says “Dogs Trust has been campaigning for many years to put an end to the appalling and inhumane practice of puppy farming. Sadly, the puppy farm shown in this broadcast is just one of many across the country.”
Dogs Trust has launched a campaign condemning puppy farming. The charity urges the public to help, and is appealing for you to show your support by displaying its ‘Stop Puppy Farming’ car sticker.

Dogs Trust has also issued full guidelines on how to make sure you don’t buy a puppy from an illegal breeder and advises anyone thinking of buying a puppy to make sure that a puppy is always seen with its mother, preferably in its home environment.The full guidelines and the special car sticker are available by emailing or by phoning 020 7837 0006.Clarissa Baldwin says “Puppies bought from the adverts in local newspapers, or the pet shop on the high street, could so easily come from a puppy farm. Even a pedigree certificate or registration is not necessarily proof the puppy has been properly reared or bred. As a nation of animal lovers, we urge people to carefully consider where they get their dog from.”There is no legal definition for the term ‘puppy farming’ but it is generally accepted as referring to dog breeders who breed indiscriminately, mass-producing puppies from their bitches and sell their puppies onto a third party.The dogs at puppy farms are quite simply there to churn out litter after litter of pups. They are not given adequate care, are often fed poor quality diets, lack veterinary attention, are under socialised and under stimulated. On top of all this, the puppies produced are often in-bred and suffer the medical consequences that this brings. Puppy farm dogs are treated like battery hens, cooped up, devoid of contact and only useful when they come on heat the next litter can be produced. The health and living conditions of the dogs is not important because the puppy farm owner can count on the fact that the bitch and the ‘home’ environment will never be viewed.Anyone even tempted by a cheap farmed pup should think twice, if only for the sake of their future expenditure. The pup is cheap because the breeder has cut corners, compromising the pup’s long term physical and mental health. This could cost the new pup’s owner dearly. Your ‘bargain’ pup could prove a sickly, costly, nervous wreck and your purchase has helped perpetrate the suffering of puppy farmed dogs.Put simply, if no one purchased from these places then they would cease to exist. No punters equals no business.

If you know of a puppy farm, lobby your MP and generally do everything legally within your powers to expose the farm and the people who own it.Exposing puppy farming and doing all you can to eradicate this barbaric practice is definitely worth your while.