Saturday, April 29, 2006

There are no laws against animal cruelty in China. The only prohibition is against killing endangered species. Torture is not even an issue. The following articles will give you an idea of the kind of disregard the Chinese authorities have for animal welfare. After you have read some of them, please sign our pledge book.

Animal Cruelty
Read this site - and find out what cruelty man is capable off !

Toys like this - can be made from real dog and cat hair!

Rounded up - and off to the meat and fur markets.


Please sign the petition to end the fur trade...there is also a video.

Video.... (very upsetting and distressing)


Friday, April 28, 2006

West Sussex Horror Story

19 April 2006
206 dogs kept in filthy shed
By Victoria Bone

ANIMAL rescuers were appalled to find 206 dogs crammed in a windowless garden shed after a 73-year-old animal breeder died.
RESCUED: Puppies
The animals, mostly Yorkshire terriers, were in tiny boxes and caked in their own excrement and urine.
Six puppies were already dead when discovered by rescuers, who also found 39 cats at the property in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.
Lisa Gooch, of Brighton Animal Action, said: "The dogs were starving and thirsty. I've seen some awful things in my time, but that was the worst."

Animal charities were called in after breeder Elizabeth Stevens died.
Mid-Sussex District Council issued her with a breeder's licence, which expired in 1998. A spokesman said: "A licence is required if an establishment is used for breeding for commercial gain. Officers were satisfied that she did not fall into this category."
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust said: "If the lady had been alive, she would almost certainly have been prosecuted."

A SEVEN-week-old puppy was rescued after being thrown from a van outside the National Trust's Wimpole Hall estate near Cambridge.
Voice of the Mirror:


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Welcome to the World of Puppy Farming...
Such caring owners and breeders!

If you buy a puppy from a retail outlet - then this is what you are condoning - the MASS cruelty to breeding bitches and their puppies.

Photos belong to Animal Liberation Victoria


These photos are sad beyond words...This happens here - only we hide the fact and seldom talk about Puppy Farming. For every neglected, sad and dead dog shown here - the same will be true on Puppy Farms in the UK!

Lets continue turning a 'blind eye' and ignoring the thousands and thousands of dogs caught up in this nasty trade!

This story and the horrific photos are from Australia.

Prisoners for Profit (some graphic photos)

Now that you have read prisoners for profit read how long it took and how they eventually closed this place of death down.

Please think about what is happening on the thousands of Puppy Farms here in the UK!

Do you still want to support petshops that 'buy in puppies to sell'?

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Question..... Is it illegal to sell puppies from a petshop?

Answer..... NO, so long as the petshop concerned has a 'petshop license' and buys the puppies from a licensed breeder - then sadly they are NOT breaking any law!
There will be stipulations ie number of puppies allowed etc...

Check with your local Environmental Health or the Dog Warden if you have any concerns.

Remember every little you do might help save a dog/puppy from suffering.



Many countless lovely dogs (pedigrees also) are destroyed every year in Ireland..this has to be good news. The more that can be neutered then the better. There is a very high 'latch key' mentality to owning dogs in Ireland. So dogs left out all day will most certainly be 'fathers' many times over..

Celebrities back charity's drive to tackle stray dog problem.
Cork success leads to roll-out of Dogs Trust neutering campaign across Ireland.
Celebrities Shayne Ward, Linda Martin, Rosanna Davison, Louis Walsh, Pat Kenny, Gerry Ryan, Chris Parker and Pete Wedderburn are supporting the charity Dogs Trust by helping them launch a subsidised neutering campaign throughout Ireland. The campaign, launching on 2nd May 2006, offers neutering for dogs at 14 euros for people on means tested benefits. It has been launched in order to reduce the number of stray and abandoned dogs throughout Ireland. In 2004 approximately 24,572 stray and abandoned dogs were collected or handed into Local Authorities in Ireland, with 16,598 of these healthy stray and abandoned dogs needlessly destroyed – the equivalent of 45 dogs a day*. While local authorities make every effort to reunite stray dogs with their owners, take dogs to rescue shelters, or find new homes, dogs are still being destroyed for want of a home. Dogs Trust never destroys a healthy dog. The charity believes that prevention is better than cure and that neutering is the most effective and humane way of reducing the numbers of stray dogs.
The decision to launch the campaign nationwide follows a successful pilot that ran in Cork at the end of 2005. Over 900 dogs have already been neutered through the campaign, with the charity being inundated with calls from areas outside Cork from people who were keen to have their dogs neutered.
Neutering is a simple procedure that also has great health benefits for dogs. Neutering can help protect against certain types of cancer, such as womb cancer in bitches and testicular cancer in males. Having a bitch spayed will also put an end to packs of dogs following her around while she is in season and it can stop male dogs from wandering off looking for romance! Most importantly it prevents unwanted litters of puppies.
The animal-loving stars backing the campaign feel very strongly about the importance of this campaign.
Shayne Ward says:
“I am very happy to be helping Dogs Trust launch this important campaign. The number of stray and abandoned dogs collected is quite staggering and Dogs Trust neutering campaign will hopefully make a real difference to this number.”
Linda Martin comments:
“We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers, but with such a high number of our stray and unwanted dogs destroyed every year, there are a lot of dogs needlessly suffering due to our inability to look after them. I very much welcome and support the work of Dogs Trust in helping us tackle this problem.” Dogs Trust Campaigns Manager Iris Denieffe comments:
“We are thrilled that the pilot scheme has been such a success and that we are now able to offer this service nationwide. We already have had over 200 responses from vets keen to take part.
By tackling the issue of stray dogs, we are working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.”
The neutering campaign offers people on means tested benefits the opportunity to neuter their dog for just 14 euros. Anyone interested is invited to call the Dogs Trust National Neuter Hotline on 1890 946 336. The campaign is being run through participating veterinary surgeries.
For further information on the neutering campaign, please contact Iris Denieffe on 00353 1 2109426 or email
* Figures published by Ireland’s Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, 2004.
For more information, please contact Dogs Trust:Claire Duke, Press Officer, Dogs Trust (+44) 20 7833 7616 email:
Iris Denieffe, Campaigns Manager, Dogs Trust 00353 1 2109426 or email

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Behind Closed Doors...

I often wonder why more people do not get upset about Puppy Farming. I think the answer lies in the fact that Puppy Farming is a very 'well hidden' business carried out away from the eyes of most people.

I am sure if the public has access to the often dirty, squalid and cruel conditions that these poor dogs are kept and bred in - there would be more of a general outcry to end this trade once and for all.

Perhaps if someone could give the 'real' figure of puppies born each year into this trade - it might go some way to helping more people see just how bad Puppy Farming really is. It might also make someone who has the 'power' do something, to end this trade.

I find it dispicable that anyone can keep x amount of breeding bitches and stud dogs, in whatever conditions they see fit, and make money (lots of money) from the puppies of these sad bitches and dogs! How can that be right? Why should anyone be allowed to live off the earnings from keeping and breeding animals?

Poor innocent pupppies packed off to the pets shops, some as young as 4/5 weeks old. How many die on route or in the place of sale? Yet another question we cannot answer. If we do not know how many puppies are born - how can we say how many never make it?

What about the breeding bitches - what happens to them? Another question we cannot answer...

Does anyone else really feel that it is about time these questions could be answered - and should be being answered...

What about the lovely dogs we PTS (put to sleep) here in the UK week after week year after year. Why do we do this? Well this question we can answer. There are just too many dogs and not enough homes.

As I sit here writing this, then countless more puppies are either being born, or travelling the length and breadth of our roads, and seas on their way to be sold...poor innocent little puppies who's only crime is to have been born!

Makes no mistake Puppy Farming is pure evil.


Help OutLaw Puppy Farms

Help OutLaw Puppy Farms
One of the emails received last week was from someone who had placed several 'wanted' ads on various message boards.

She was looking for a Cocker Spaniel puppy. She was contacted by a company who said they were based in the US, although the emailer thought it was far more likely to be someone here in the UK (which proved to be correct).

They wanted $1000 to (send the puppy over to the UK). They did, though, make a mistake in the conversation and mentioned the North West of England as not having many good breeders of Golden Cocker Spaniels. The caller thought this was a very strange comment from someone who was meant to be calling from the States...

She got them chatting and discovered that in fact they were based in Manchester! Even though she was at this point in time pulling away from purchasing the puppy (because she wanted to see it) they never made any offer for her to go and collect the puppy.

She could find NO further information from them. After the call she did 1471
the number was witheld!

This is very worrying. It comes as no surpise that puppy farmers and perhaps dealers are scanning message boards for people placing 'wanted ads'. Why the need to pretend they were in the States is the baffling part. $1000 is roughly about £600 an awful lot of money for a puppy born on a puppy farm.

Have you been contacted in relation to anything like this? If so please let us know.

This lady has since learnt not to place ads on message boards. If you want a puppy then 'do your research properly'. No caring, honest breeder is going to place their puppies in this way! And never ever agree to meet someone or have someone bring the puppy to you..


A matted mess...that hides
a poor dog!

(photo used with kind permission of)

How many litters has this poor
girl been made to have?

(photo thanks to)

The Never Ending Misery

It is April 2006. The Hope-UK inbox had several emails this morning...sad emails from people who had purchased puppies from retail outlets.

Although the breeds were different in all cases - the stories were the same.
All but one of the cases (a Labrador) had subsequently died. More sad, sick puppies to add to the daily statistics of sorrow and pain that is associated with ALL dogs born/kept on Puppy Farms.

At the moment there is NO legislation to stop people from MASS the public are the only ones that can bring about any such change.

If you stopped buying from ANY retail outlet ie petshops and outlets with a pet shop license (who can legally buy in puppies to sell) then the trade would have NO room to flourish! CAN YOU DO THAT? As tempting as walking into any outlet full of cute puppies is - you are only condemming more puppies to die (just like the emails I received this morning).

Please when you are looking to buy a your research and make sure you purchase your new family member from a reputable breeder. Why not visit your local Rescue Shelter...and see what puppies they have in need of a good home. You might be surprised!

Please spread the your dog friends. These puppies and the breeding bitches need ALL the help they can get. Be a friend to them and help save lives...

Thank You