Friday, April 28, 2006

West Sussex Horror Story

19 April 2006
206 dogs kept in filthy shed
By Victoria Bone

ANIMAL rescuers were appalled to find 206 dogs crammed in a windowless garden shed after a 73-year-old animal breeder died.
RESCUED: Puppies
The animals, mostly Yorkshire terriers, were in tiny boxes and caked in their own excrement and urine.
Six puppies were already dead when discovered by rescuers, who also found 39 cats at the property in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex.
Lisa Gooch, of Brighton Animal Action, said: "The dogs were starving and thirsty. I've seen some awful things in my time, but that was the worst."

Animal charities were called in after breeder Elizabeth Stevens died.
Mid-Sussex District Council issued her with a breeder's licence, which expired in 1998. A spokesman said: "A licence is required if an establishment is used for breeding for commercial gain. Officers were satisfied that she did not fall into this category."
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust said: "If the lady had been alive, she would almost certainly have been prosecuted."

A SEVEN-week-old puppy was rescued after being thrown from a van outside the National Trust's Wimpole Hall estate near Cambridge.
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1 comment:

Sara Brooker said...

Someone must know about these people and yet they still go undetected and allowed to breed more dogs.

When are the people who grant licenses goint to wake up and realise that they are the ones responsible for what happens to these dogs. They should take a long hard look at themselves and ask 'could I have done more'?

Poor little mites, I hope they find homes.