Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Behind Closed Doors...

I often wonder why more people do not get upset about Puppy Farming. I think the answer lies in the fact that Puppy Farming is a very 'well hidden' business carried out away from the eyes of most people.

I am sure if the public has access to the often dirty, squalid and cruel conditions that these poor dogs are kept and bred in - there would be more of a general outcry to end this trade once and for all.

Perhaps if someone could give the 'real' figure of puppies born each year into this trade - it might go some way to helping more people see just how bad Puppy Farming really is. It might also make someone who has the 'power' do something, to end this trade.

I find it dispicable that anyone can keep x amount of breeding bitches and stud dogs, in whatever conditions they see fit, and make money (lots of money) from the puppies of these sad bitches and dogs! How can that be right? Why should anyone be allowed to live off the earnings from keeping and breeding animals?

Poor innocent pupppies packed off to the pets shops, some as young as 4/5 weeks old. How many die on route or in the place of sale? Yet another question we cannot answer. If we do not know how many puppies are born - how can we say how many never make it?

What about the breeding bitches - what happens to them? Another question we cannot answer...

Does anyone else really feel that it is about time these questions could be answered - and should be being answered...

What about the lovely dogs we PTS (put to sleep) here in the UK week after week year after year. Why do we do this? Well this question we can answer. There are just too many dogs and not enough homes.

As I sit here writing this, then countless more puppies are either being born, or travelling the length and breadth of our roads, and seas on their way to be sold...poor innocent little puppies who's only crime is to have been born!

Makes no mistake Puppy Farming is pure evil.


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