Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Never Ending Misery

It is April 2006. The Hope-UK inbox had several emails this morning...sad emails from people who had purchased puppies from retail outlets.

Although the breeds were different in all cases - the stories were the same.
All but one of the cases (a Labrador) had subsequently died. More sad, sick puppies to add to the daily statistics of sorrow and pain that is associated with ALL dogs born/kept on Puppy Farms.

At the moment there is NO legislation to stop people from MASS breeding...you the public are the only ones that can bring about any such change.

If you stopped buying from ANY retail outlet ie petshops and outlets with a pet shop license (who can legally buy in puppies to sell) then the trade would have NO room to flourish! CAN YOU DO THAT? As tempting as walking into any outlet full of cute puppies is - you are only condemming more puppies to die (just like the emails I received this morning).

Please when you are looking to buy a puppy...do your research and make sure you purchase your new family member from a reputable breeder. Why not visit your local Rescue Shelter...and see what puppies they have in need of a good home. You might be surprised!

Please spread the word...to your dog friends. These puppies and the breeding bitches need ALL the help they can get. Be a friend to them and help save lives...

Thank You

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Anonymous said...

How sad that we still allow this to happen. SHAME on all you people who buy puppys from pet shops.

Great site, keep up the good work.