Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One of the emails received last week was from someone who had placed several 'wanted' ads on various message boards.

She was looking for a Cocker Spaniel puppy. She was contacted by a company who said they were based in the US, although the emailer thought it was far more likely to be someone here in the UK (which proved to be correct).

They wanted $1000 to (send the puppy over to the UK). They did, though, make a mistake in the conversation and mentioned the North West of England as not having many good breeders of Golden Cocker Spaniels. The caller thought this was a very strange comment from someone who was meant to be calling from the States...

She got them chatting and discovered that in fact they were based in Manchester! Even though she was at this point in time pulling away from purchasing the puppy (because she wanted to see it) they never made any offer for her to go and collect the puppy.

She could find NO further information from them. After the call she did 1471
the number was witheld!

This is very worrying. It comes as no surpise that puppy farmers and perhaps dealers are scanning message boards for people placing 'wanted ads'. Why the need to pretend they were in the States is the baffling part. $1000 is roughly about £600 an awful lot of money for a puppy born on a puppy farm.

Have you been contacted in relation to anything like this? If so please let us know.

This lady has since learnt not to place ads on message boards. If you want a puppy then 'do your research properly'. No caring, honest breeder is going to place their puppies in this way! And never ever agree to meet someone or have someone bring the puppy to you..


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