Friday, November 03, 2006

Shop It To Stop It - Puppy Farming

600 litters of dogs on average are advertised weekly in newspapers, periodicals and free adds papers here in Ireland.400 DOGS FOR SALE adds appear on average in one free adds paper alone, many of these for up to nine different breeds, the majority of which are being raised on PUPPY FARMS here in Ireland. Other adds appear on notice boards everywhere with photos of cute pups, obviously a little money spinner for people who breed their animals at home.Many people who buy a pup do not realise they are causing untold misery for the pups mother who lives her life virtually 'in pup' and many report buying the saddest, sickest pup just to save it.In reality this easy money prompts the breeder to continue.Most advertisements you reply to are from rural areas where the sellers offer to bring the pups to a motorway garage or nearest town to exchange the deal. This ploy is twofold, the main reason is the buyer does not see the conditions the dogs are kept in, the other is that PUPPY FARMING has now become a lucrative TAX FREE enterprise.You cannot be 'shopped' if no one knows where you live.Oficially it is tax liable but who is checking...EXCEPT US.

With up to 1500 euros for the bigger Mastiffs or rare breeds,(more for Females) and a litter raising up to 5,000 euros or more, another twist has emerged.Someone who wants a dog but cannot afford an 'expensive' dog is given a female at a reduced price.The deal being that this pup when on heat is bred and mated with the original sellers dog and a female of the new litter is given back as part payment to close the deal.This ploy results in even more dogs coming on to the market.Neapolitan Mastiffs cost 900e male and 1300-1500e female.So The Alliance for Animal Rights is now reporting details of dog sellers to their local
REVENUE INVESTIGATIONS UNITS and urging the public to do likewise.The problem of over-breeding here in Ireland is causing the deaths of thousands of unwanted dogs annually.IF GENUINE PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE A DOG IN THEIR FAMILY, they will rescue one from a pound or shelter. Many designer dogs die in dog pounds too.

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I do hope people sit up and take notice.

This a terrific site and so helpful.

Well Done, on such a sad subject