Monday, May 15, 2006


Although this is not new news...the figure of 500 farmers being given grants when we put to sleep over 300.000 stray/unwanted dogs each and every year here in the UK is a sad indictment of how little this 'Government cares about Animal Welfare'... it will remain to be seen if any future Government will scrap this 'grant' and actually do something to curb this unwanted - EVIL TRADE!

Tax payers money is being used to finance more puppy farmers in what is one of the most cruel trades known....

WELSH PUPPIES.....Parliament backs cruelty

In the 1980s and 1990s, illegal puppy farming was a big problem in Wales.
Puppy farms are horrific places where dogs are treated as breeding machines - females impregnated every time they are in season and discarded or destroyed when no longer economically viable.
Animals are generally kept in awful conditions, with their health never a priority. Puppies are shipped all around the UK.
The problem seemed to have been abating, but the RSPCA has warned that recently there has been an increase in the number of puppy farms - albeit mostly legal enterprises.
This increase has been encouraged by a scheme launched by the Welsh Assembly in 2001 called Farming Connect. Farmers are encouraged to diversify into horse and dog breeding and can apply to the state for funding. Over 5000 applications for grants have been received and over 500 have been approved.
Such support for breeding will cause immense animal suffering. The market is already flooded with horses and dogs. Sanctuaries and rescue centres are over-run.
An estimated 300,000 unwanted and stray dogs are put down in Britain every year.

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